The Fred Artscape Prize

The Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts is proud to announce the third annual Fred Lazarus IV Artscape Prize, "The Fred."

The Fred Artscape Prize
Winning Artist
Hannah Smoot, Baltimore School for the Arts

Hannah is a multi-disciplinary artist painting in oil and watercolor and working in clay. In her own words, “Most of my subjects are people, or people-like, for I believe that there is nothing more easily communicated or more expressive than human gestures and emotions…It is a terrific creative act for me to breathe life into natural objects. In fact, I find the idea so compelling, it may be that I will make this a major theme for my future artistic endeavors. But this is not to say that I wish to commit myself to a particular theme or medium. It is rather that I realize every artist has her dominant thought, some privileged idea that reveals a signature. This is what I look for in all I do: A fascinating and novel theme that I can call my own. I think, in fact, I have several such ideas in progress and I hope my offering for this Fred Lazarus IV Artscape Prize shows them. These are my current attempts to discover my artistic identity.”

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