Artist-Run Art Fair

Highlighting emerging contemporary artists through artwork, prints, publications and on-site artist projects.

Artist-Run Art Fair

Location: Charles Street Garage, 1714 Charles St

Returning for its third year, the Artist-Run Art Fair provides Artscape visitors access to the work of emerging contemporary artists, as exhibited by artist-run galleries and curatorial projects from Baltimore and around the country. Artist-run spaces are a vital part of a city’s contemporary art community and the Artist-Run Art Fair showcases this thriving national community. Artist-Run Art Fair is curated and organized by Open Space, an artist-run gallery located at 512 West Franklin Street in Baltimore, MD.

Open Space's mission is to promote a vibrant, visible and connected contemporary arts community in Baltimore through producing a consistent curated program of exhibitions, annual festivals and maintaining a wide variety of supplemental events such as lectures, film screenings and music shows. Open Space shows local, national and international artists and produces events with attendance ranging from 50-50,000 people.

Open Space is made possible by the love and hard work of its members and by the supportive and fruitful cultural community that exists in Baltimore.
2016 Artist-Run Art Fair Participants:

Phoebe (Baltimore, MD) Labbodies (Baltimore, MD), The White Page (Minneapolis, MN), Current Space (Baltimore, MD), Kitchen Space (Chicago, IL), Short House (Los Angeles, CA), Jaus (Los Angeles, CA), Platform (Baltimore, MD), Good Weather (Little Rock, AK), The Front (New Orleans, LA), Make Studio (Baltimore, MD), Terrault (Baltimore, MD), Open Space (Baltimore, MD), House Boy (Pittsburgh, PA), Muscle Beach (Portland, OR), Fernway (Chicago, IL), Gallery Aferro (Art Truck) (Newark, NJ), Bookish (Art Truck) (Baltimore)

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