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The Artscape Gallery Network provides art lovers with an extended opportunity to enjoy Baltimore’s talented artists before, during, and after the festival weekend. Gallery Network exhibitions highlight 2019 Janet & Walter Sondheim Prize applicants, along with artists working throughout the region. The Janet & Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize is held in conjunction with the annual Artscape juried exhibition and is produced by the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts.

Hamilton Gallery
5502 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21214
Opening Reception: First Friday July 5, 6-9pm
Artists' Reception: First Friday August 2, 6-9pm
Exhibition: July 5 - September 1, 2019

ZIP 21214: art/work/home
Hamilton Gallery, located in the 21214 zip code, is pleased to present the Artscape Gallery Network exhibition 'ZIP 21214: art/work/home' featuring the work of artists who make their art or live in the 21214 zip code in North East Baltimore. The 21214 community supports an active group of creatives, many who work in home studios and studio buildings, or offer their work for sale in the commercial district. The exhibition hopes to reveal the treasure of artists busy making and showing their art right in our own backyard.

Name(s) of 2019 Sondheim Applicant to be included in the exhibition
Schroeder Cherry

Additional Artist(s)
Kathleen Adrian, Jude Asher, Ariana Bock, Loring Boglioli, Schroeder Cherry, Ron Cohn, Diane Dennis, Jessica Devilbiss, Donna DiSciullo, Jim Doran, Donald Edwards, Darl Gnau, Dona Grant, Cat Gunn, Annie Howe, Chloe Irla, Amy Klainer, James McDonald, L. Nef’fahtiti Partlow-Myrick, Lynn Poshepny, Theresa Reuter, Val Smith, Therese Spadaro, Grace Sweeney, Bridget Z. Sullivan, Richard Sullivan, Maxine Taylor, Linnea Tober, Alex Vanicky, Tim White

Bridget Z Sullivan and Jessica Devilbiss

Waller Gallery
2420 N. Calvert St.
Reception: Saturday, July 13, 6-9pm
Exhibition: Saturday, July 13 – August 31, 2019
Thursday, July 18th, 7-9pm: BBQ and curatorial tour
Saturday, July 27th, 2-5pm: Artist Talk
Saturday, August 17th, 2-5pm: Artist Talk
Friday, August 31st, 6-9pm: Closing Reception

mad rad soft
The exhibition "mad rad soft" as an opportunity for the community to celebrate femme-ness. Adding -ness to the end of a word is to define its quality or state of being. The artists on view express a state of femme-ness or femininity that will guide the viewer through language that may be new to them. Mad rad soft is a a group exhibition about the many ways femme-ness can be radical. Often we are told that softness is a bad quality, or a quality that can only be harnessed by those identifying as women. This exhibition is the antithesis of that idea. Multiple mediums will mix and match to create a new narrative for viewers about the engaging potential of femme-ness.

Name(s) of 2019 Sondheim Applicant to be included in the exhibition: Desmond Beach
Additional Artist(s): Elana Casey, Landis, Sienna Kwami
Curator: Joy Davis

Fleckenstein Gallery and Archival Framing LLC
3316 Keswick Road
Reception: Saturday, June 15th 5-8pm
Artist Reception: Saturday, June 15th, 5-8pm
Exhibition: June 15th - August 31st

By Hand: Six Artists and Their Drawings

Name(s) of 2019 Sondheim Applicant to be included in the exhibition: Andrea Sherrill Evans
Additional Artist(s): Beth Brown, Peter Bruun, Craig Haupt, James Hennessey and Leslie Shellow
Curator(s): Terrie Fleckenstein, Leslie Shellow

Y:ART Gallery
3402 Gough Street, Baltimore, MD 21224
Recption: July 27 from 6-9pm
Exhibition: July 24 - August 17, 2019
Highlandtown Arts District First Friday Artwalk on Augus 2 5-9pm

What is a SuperHero? Is it a being? A place? An object? A feeling? Does a SuperHero wear tights & a cape? This question will be explored through the eyes and minds of over 60 diverse local artists. This exhibition will answer the question through varied mediums, from each artist’s personal perspective. Artists participating in the SuperHeroes Exhibition have been given no restrictions and are encouraged to contemplate what the subject means to them, which is expected to result in a mind-blowing sight to behold. Y:ART Gallery is pleased to announce SuperHeroes, which will present an accomplished group of Baltimore's Art Stars. This magnificent invitation-only summer exhibition will be brimming with 2D, 3D, and performance art. As with 2018's award-winning BRA SHOW, SuperHeroes will be a deluge of fascination for the eyes, ears & heart.

Artists featured in this exhibition:  Shelley Amsel, Lois Borgenicht, Dan Brown, Patty Burgee, Ruth Channing, Lania D’Agostino, Megin Diamond, Lisa Dietrich, MK Dilli, Howard Ehrenfeld, Landis Expandis, Peggy Fox, Marcelle Fozard, Joanne Goshen, Helene Haviland, Sydney Hopkins, Patricia Hord, Andrea Huppert, Ian Jackson, Anita Klein, Minas Konsolos, Cathy Leaycraft, Nancy Linden, Liz Lipinski, Susan Lowe, Peggy Fox, Tonia Matthews, Raoul Middleman, Julia Niederman, Kate Norris, Mary Opasik, Jim Opasik, David Page, Gina Pierleoni, Pamela Phillips, Edmond Praybe, Donna Reinsel, Ronald Russell, Nieves Saah, Nancy Scheinman, Anita Schreibman, Beth Schwartz, Dan Schiavoni, Stephanie Schafer, Dan Shapiro, Stefany Sherman, Martha Simmons, Gregg Simonton, Mary Skeen, Leonard Streckfus, Zachary Thornton, Patti Tronolone, Dave Valle, Dan Van Allen, Leslie Wies, Junius Wilson, Cristian Wisha, Susan McCurdy Yonkers, Bill Yonkers, and more!

Curator: Juli Yensho

Full Circle Fine Art
33 E 21st St, Baltimore, MD, 21218
Reception: May 18th, 6-8 PM
Exhibition: May 18th - July 27th

Women's Work

Full Circle Gallery is pleased to present "Women’s Work," a group exhibition showcasing the work of nineteen women whose practices engage and expand the diverse promise of the photographic medium. "Women’s Work" features a selection of local and national artists who have collaborated with Full Circle throughout the gallery’s seven year history. Extending throughout the lobby gallery and Full Circle’s third floor exhibition space, this show culminates a year of programming focusing exclusively on the work of women in photography and related mediums.

Name(s) of 2019 Sondheim Applicant to be included in the exhibition:
Finkelstein, Amy; Glazer, Helen; Leaycraft, Cathy; Shay, Ginevra.
Additional Artist(s):
Stephanie Benassi, Lindsay Bottos, Jennifer Bishop, Amy Davis, Regina DeLuise, Chrissy Fitchett, Karen Klinedinst, Erika Larsen, Ruth Nuhn, Natalie Obermaier, Lynne Parks, Gina Phillips, Emma Powell, Mary Skeen, Barbara Young.
Curator: Brian Miller, Liz Faust

C. Grimaldis Gallery
523 N. Charles Street
Reception: June 27, 6-8pm
Exhibition: June 27 - August 17

Name(s) of 2019 Sondheim Applicant to be included in the exhibition: Ben Marcin, John Ruppert
Artist(s): Chul Hyun Ahn, John Ruppert, Jae Ko, Grace Hartigan, Ben Marcin, Beverly McIver, Eugene Leake, Henry Coe, Giorgos Rigas
Constantine Grimaldis

ICA Baltimore
16 West North Ave
Reception: Friday, June 22, 5-8pm
Exhibition: June 22 to July 21
June 29th, 4pm- Janet Olney artist talk/discussion.

Absence/Presence is a new body of work that explores absence as a presence and a sensation connected to spatial memory. Through a series of drawings, paintings, and digitally fabricated objects, Janet Olney asks viewers to navigate the ambiguity of the seen and unseen while grappling with the fleeting nature of perception. Using a language of abstraction and gesture, Olney remixes the various components to reflect on existence and the passage of time.
Name(s) of 2019 Sondheim Applicant to be included in the exhibition: Janet Olney
Curator(s): ICA Baltimore

Make Studio
3326 Keswick Rd.
Reception: 6/28, 6-8PM “Soft Opening”
Closing Reception: 7/26, 6-8PM (With Artist Talks)

Everything Else (A Market-Space)
Artists Amanda Burnham and Nicole Dyer both explore the "everythingness" of human activity in their work, particularly the ever-accumulating objects and detritus that can fill our shared spaces. In this collaborative, immersive exhibition for the 2019 Artscape Gallery Network, Burnham and Dyer will team up with Make Studio's program artists in a playful contemplation of commodities, community, space, and place — where everything is for sale, or is it?

Name(s) of 2019 Sondheim Applicant to be included in the exhibition: Amanda Burnham, Nicole Dyer
Additional Artist(s): A portion of Make Studio's 36 program artists
Curator(s): Amanda Burnham, Nicole Dyer, Carolyn Shayte (Make Studio)

Department of Art+Design Galleries, Towson University
Fine Arts Drive, Towson, MD 21252
Reception: July 13, 2pm-4pm
Exhibition: July 13-August 10, 2019

Curator(s): Erin Lehman and J. Susan Isaacs

Aside Gallery and Studios
1501 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, MD 21202
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 13th 6pm-9pm
Closing Reception: Saturday, July 27th 2pm-4pm
Exhibition: Sat 13th - Saturday 27th July
Artist Talk: July 27th 2 - 4 PM

Brought to you directly from the studio, Aside Gallery presents the freshest work of its professional artist members. Not-yet-seen works available in a not-bought-in curated show. Escape the booths, escape the mainstream, escape the crowds, take Not(e)scape.

Name(s) of 2019 Sondheim Applicant to be included in the exhibition:
Elaine Fisher, Maren Henson
Additional Artist(s): Josh Brooks, Mandy Chesney, Drew Hagelin, Corynne Ostermann, Elizabeth Sampson
Curator(s): Elaine Fisher, Maren Henson, Corynne Ostermann

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