Hands-on activities for children and their families!


Location: Corpus Christi Church Lot, Lafayette Street & Mount Royal Avenue

It’s not rocket science, but it sure is fun! School-age children will use their creative spirits to make space-themed arts and crafts, participate in demonstrations and enjoy family-friendly entertainment. Festivalgoers can explore what’s out there through a number of special space-themed programming such as:

- Alien finger puppets, telescopes and button solar systems with Bmoore Buttons.

Goodloe Byron, brings his artistic talents to Kidscape! Make sure to get your own space-themed self-portrait doodle.

NASA Goddard Flight Center brings their Photo Kiosk which allows festivalgoers to take away a photo of themselves as an astronaut with a variety of themed backdrops.

- Glow-in-the-dark constellations by Port Discovery.

The Space Telescope Science Institute will host an “Exploring Light and Color” workshop (Friday only from Noon – 8pm). Astronomers use light to collect information about distant stars, nebulae, and galaxies. By separating light into its component rainbow of colors, scientists can determine properties like temperature, motion, composition, and more without traveling to these cosmic objects. You will explore visible light, observe how filters work, decode “secret messages” and explore Hubble images.

- Lego: Learn-to-Learn – Exploring Space with The University of Maryland Extension – Baltimore City 4-H.

- Soar into space with The Walters Art Museum. Create swirling, sparkling planets, inspired by our galaxy.

- Alien headbands and demonstrations showing what happens when meteorites collide with planets with The Y in Central Maryland.

- Face painting by Planet Awkward returns to Kidscape with an array of colorful, intergalactic themed designs.

Kidscape also features its very own “space ship,” an art car called “We Come in Peace” by Sue Caldwell, founder of Lovely Yarns in Hampden. The car will be decorated with foam core, paper maché, sequins and hand-knit “aliens.”


Kidscape Academy is a demonstration tent featuring STEAM-related education and entertainment, with programming from the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, #popscope, The Y in Central Maryland and Baltimore’s very own Erik “Chef Egg” Berlin.

#popscope stands for pop-up telescope. During their 30-minute hands-on tutorial, students will learn the basics on how to effectively set-up a telescope, aim it at a desired celestial (in this case the Sun), and find the object within their lens. At the end of this tutorial students will be able to “pop-up” on their own!

Chef Erik “Egg” Berlin brings Spacefood – Nutrition for Space Exploration demonstrations throughout the festival weekend. Egg creates culinary educational opportunities that are STEAM focused. Festivalgoers will understand the science behind food preservation methods and design i.e. aseptic packaging, dehydration and freeze-drying.

With Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, you will meet an engineer to learn how to dress up for spacecraft-building success and a scientist to watch how to make a comet!

STScI invites you to see the world in a different light with Jessica Kenney, Education and Outreach Specialist and John Maple, Education Specialist! Astronomers use different light from the electromagnetic spectrum to make discoveries. See the world in infrared light and learn about space telescopes.

The décor in Kidscape is provided by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab and entrance signage is designed by artist Goodloe Byron.

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