The University of Baltimore presents Gamescape

A showcase of video games and the creative people who make them.

The University of Baltimore presents Gamescape

Location: H. Mebane Turner Learning Commons, 1415 Maryland Ave

The University of Baltimore Presents Gamescape at Artscape

The University of Baltimore Presents Gamescape at Artscape is a high-quality program showcasing video games and the creative people who make them. Visitors can browse and interact with selected video games from local and national video game developers, as well as a few classic consoles. Organized by Pure Bang Games and MAGFest, Gamescape is sure to delight with over a dozen games in our air conditioned space!

Gamescape is open from 11 to 9 Friday and Saturday and then 11 to 8 on Sunday.

Love the games showcased at Gamescape? Become a pro at creating them. More than 100 companies in the Baltimore-Washington area are involved in interactive development.

In the University of Baltimore’s B.S. in Simulation and Game Design program, you’ll gain the hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge necessary to take your career in the multi-billion dollar gaming industry to the next level.

Video Games

Jordan Null
Game: Virtual Wave
Virtual Wave is a Retro 8-Bit FPS Roguelike. Defeat waves of enemies to progress through the levels, collect coins to buy items/weapon upgrades to defend yourself against increasingly difficult situations.

Don Boose
Game: Miracle Mia
Miracle Mia is a cute action-adventure platformed where the main heroine must fend off against an invading horde of extra-dimensional beings. Mia, with the aid of her tennis racket, must jump, defend and reflect the enemy's attacks right back at them, for her skills in tennis allows her to withstand and channel their projectiles against them. As well as reflecting their attacks, Mia can also harness her own power to create magic orbs that can aid her in battle. Along the way she is accompanied by a mysterious cat who can heal Mia if she falls. Using the skills of tennis, will Mia be able to overcome the trials ahead?

Alexander Higgins and Stephen Thomas
Game: Underground Arcade
Underground Arcade is a collection of short alternative games from the Baltimore Game Collective – consisting of local designers Alex Higgins and Stephen Thomas. Through this collection, Higgins and Thomas hope to expose general audiences to game making's democratized underground – experimental works, jam games, garage games, and their ilk. Each developer is contributing four games to the Arcade, all of which will be accessed from a launcher program on their hardware.
New to Gamescape this year are the games Monster Truck Power Fantasy, Project A.S.I.S., and SpideRain. Returning favorites include Digital Toilet World, Gewgawlicious, Bloodjak, Mutant Highway, and Fungilluminati.

Howard Tsao
Game: Hamsterdam
The town of Hamsterdam descends into darkness as the crime boss Marlo “The Chinchilla” seizes control. The wearied townsfolk long for the return of peace and freedom from vermin oppression. As Marlo and the rodent gang leave the family cafe in smothering ruins and take his grandpa away, the young hamster Pimm is left all alone. Just when all seems lost, this unlikeliest of heroes takes on the mantle of hamster resistance. Help Pimm rediscover the fabled Hamster-fu and rally the citizens. Get ready to dish out a mix of reactive, precisely timed attacks and good old-fashioned button mashing black and blue. Carefully time your lightning fast pounces, charge up powerful knockout strikes, and unleash devastating combos on these cottontail hoodlums. Defense against enemies relies on quick thinking and even quicker reaction. It’s time to kick some tail! (And save grandpa of course.)

Ashley Guchhait
Game: Squirrely Roo Rabbit
Squirrely Roo Rabbit is an in-development puzzle-platformer game relying on color theory to solve environmental challenges. It features a visual style reminiscent of hand-drawn and-watercolored pop-up storybooks. The game’s story begins with a gang of chameleons on a coloring spree swap the colors of all the animals in their wake, causing confusion and upset. Squirrely Roo Rabbit, who is unaffected due to her not being a traditional animal, teams up with an outcast chameleon, Cammy, to track down Leon, the Chameleon king, and return the forest to normal. They do this by solving environmental puzzles with the help of animals she meets along if Squirrely Roo feeds them fruit matching the color they’ve become. Because fruit only naturally grows in primary colors—and animals come secondary colors as well—Cammy must use her chameleon color-mix ability to solve puzzles and fight. 
Squirrely Roo Rabbit began in Fall 2016 as a senior thesis project by Boba Studios at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA).

Jonathan Moriarty
Game: Lost Cave
Lost Cave is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle platformer where players must manipulate their view of the world in order to move through it. When moving normally through the world, the environment behaves like a flat 2D world; however, players have the ability to “shift”, allowing them to rotate and zoom their perspective on the environment like a 3D world, causing objects in the foreground and background to change size and position. This mechanic allows players to solve a variety of challenging puzzles that force players to think creatively about how their view of a location is effected by their perspective.

Karen Chang
Game: Mister Mart
Enter the world of Mister Mart!
YOU are a customer service agent at a terrible grocery store. Because it's such a god-awful grocery store, all of the customers are returning everything they've ever bought! In VR, use your hands to place the unwanted merchandise carefully into the return bin, but watch out! The customers loiter at your desk and will stress you out if you let them stay for too long! Use your Customer Service Fists (TM) to help them find the exit!

Karen Chang
Game: Circle Soiree
Circle Soiree is a tablet-based party game for 3-10 people. To play, each player must place one finger in a circle and never leave or let go of the circle. Once the circles start to move and animate, the players must work as a team. They all have to keep their fingers in the circles as long as possible, this means they have to climb over and under each other, as well as keep moving all the way around the tablet.

Anthony Powell
Game: That Rock Paper Scissors Game!
"That Rock Paper Scissor Game!" takes the core mechanics of rock paper scissors and brings it into a new space for multi-player gaming. Players select one of three characters and then chase and collide with their “prey” while trying to run away and avoid a collision with their “predator”. Power ups like land mines, invisibility, and dashing can give you a competitive edge and the player with the highest score at the end of the 2 minute match wins!
Shea Sandifer
Game: UMBC Game Developers Club 2017-2018 Student Game Showcase
The UMBC Game Developers’ Club is presenting its 2017-2018 projects. This year's group projects include: Star Marten, a 2D platformer which utilizes a series of mini games to boost your abilities; Phantom, a 2-D point and click mystery game where the detective player and the ghost of the victim work together to solve crimes; Fansail, an arcade style survival game as you pilot a parachute through dangerous terrain while protecting passengers; Top Cop, a side scrolling beat em’ up game where you must survive the streets of a Hong Kong Yakuza film and accomplish quests along the way; Marzipan, a 2D platformer that lets the player navigate around using moon gravity to solve puzzles and go back to Earth; Little Golem, a game about a golem that pushes, rolls, and tilts gravity to solve puzzles and explore; Baby Dragon Assassin, a stealth 2D platformer where you play from the perspective of an imaginative child in daycare and try to get your ball back from a bully wearing tiger pajamas without getting caught.

Gregory Lane
Game: Confines of the Law
Well partner, you done it. You finally became sheriff! With your first day on the trail there’s nothin’ left to do but pour yourself a drink, close the cell door where ELLIOT HALIFAX should be locked up, and then - JUST WAIT NOW. What was that? ELLIOT HALIFAX ain’t in his cell? You best be gettin’ after him! That sun’s starting to set, and if he sets foot over that border, he’ll be out of your jurisdiction. Saddle up, friend! A sheriff’s job is never over!

Jacob Fleisher
Game: Doors: A Virtual Reality Puzzle Game           
Doors is a first-person, virtual reality, puzzle/maze game. The player will navigate through a number of levels, each containing a different number of doors.  The player will choose a door to go through after searching through each level, interacting with it, and deciphering its puzzles.  One door leads the player closer to the end of the maze, while the other doors lead the player deeper back into it. The game was inspired by the book Maze: Solve the World's Most Challenging Puzzle.

Arielle Shander
Game: Spitfire Sheep
Spitfire Sheep is a mobile arcade-style shoot-'em-up with bright visuals, humorous characters, and a unique gameplay twist. As a storm cloud, Shockie has two familiar elemental attacks at her disposal: electricity and water. Use Shockie's lightning to zap fire-breathing sheep and put out their destructive flames with rain, but be careful not to zap any fires in the process! Players will need to hone their reflexes and develop strategies for dealing with the different types of sheep if they want to get to the top of the scoreboards!

Kevin Berezansky
Game: Blacksmith Game
Become an apprentice blacksmith and learn the craft of forging weapons and running the shop. Game can be played with mouse only or arrows + space. Craft weapons to fulfill the requests of adventurers, complete each step of the crafting process effectively to produce a better weapon.

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