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Location: 1915 Maryland Ave., Baltimore, MD 21218

The Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts (BOPA) and the Baltimore Chapter of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA Baltimore) are proud to present Gamescape 2019. We'll be featuring a full selection of games from talented students, individuals, and full teams of indie game developers. This year will also feature a rotating selection of games in our Quick Play area, so be sure to check back in over the course of the event to see what new games are rotating in and out. Cast your vote for the 2019 Gamescape People's Choice Award and see who wins Sunday afternoon.

Our list of exhibiting games includes:

Beard of War is about using a variety of spells to gain control of an arena and knock
your opponents out of it. It focuses on using environmental elements, such as lava to
deal damage to enemies, rather than the player directly damaging their opponents.
Spells are focused on different forms of crowd control, such as knockback, status
effects, teleportation, etc. Customizable spells and character loadouts let the players
play their way. The player’s objective is to be the last survivor in each round. The player
can use their abilities to knock enemy players out of the arena, damaging and killing
them. Each match has five rounds, and the player wins the match by being the last
survivor in more rounds than their opponent. After each round, players get a fixed
amount of points that can be used to upgrade or change their abilities for the future

Captain Trash vs The Evil Dudes is a 2D platform adventure game built on the Godot
engine. The story begins when Captain Trash returns from his local coffee shop to find his front door smashed and his hoard of awesome junk pilfered. Trash had spent his career directing the preeminent galactic clean-up crew. Each day he would find at least a truck full of strange and wondrous items. Over his career he built a museum worthy collection. After, the fist of shock loosened its grip Trash took stock of his remaining items. To his surprise, the valuable art still hung on the walls. The meteor debris, Neptunesian masks and the copper wire were gone. Journey out from the streets of Slabtown across the world to chase down the thieves and reclaim your treasures before they end up in a pawn shop or as a volcanic sacrifice.

Grab It and Go is a game with a protagonist that is an alien named Bopp. His mission is to collect artifacts from Earth. These artifacts are things that we see in our everyday life - water bottles, soda cans, etc. While collecting the various artifacts on your list, make sure to avoid Conspiracy Theorists - NPCs wearing green hats. If they spot you they will chase after you and try to capture you.

Miracle Mia is a cute action-adventure platformer where the main heroine must fend off against an invading horde of extradimensional beings. Mia, with the aid of her tennis racket, must jump, defend and reflect the enemy's attacks right back at them, for her skills in tennis allows her to withstand and channel their projectiles against them. As well as reflecting their attacks, Mia can also harness her own power to create magic orbs that can aid her in battle. Along the way she is accompanied by a mysterious cat who can heal Mia if she falls. Using the skills of tennis, will Mia be able to overcome the trials ahead?

Spark Defence is a science fiction tower defense game set in the near future where the player must strategize on how to defend their power generators from an alien invasion by choosing from different types of defenses and placing them in strategic locations to stop the waves of attacks.

Squirrely Roo Rabbit
is an in-development puzzle-platformer game relying on color
theory to solve environmental challenges. It features a visual style reminiscent of hand- drawn and watercolored pop-up storybooks. The game’s story begins with a gang of chameleons on a coloring spree swap the colors of all the animals in their wake, causing confusion and upset. Squirrely Roo Rabbit, who is unaffected due to her not being a traditional animal, teams up with an outcast chameleon, Cammy, to track down Leon, the Chameleon king, and return the forest to normal. They do this by solving environmental puzzles with the help of  animals she meets along if Squirrely Roo feeds them fruit matching the color they’ve become. Because fruit only naturally grows in primary colors—and animals come secondary colors as well—Cammy must use her chameleon color-mix ability to solve puzzles and fight.

The UMBC Game Developers Club
is a student-run club at the University of Maryland,
Baltimore County whose members develop games in interdisciplinary teams over the
course of each academic year. This year they have 10 new student-created games to
present across a range of different genres and styles.

Underground Arcade is a collection of short alternative games from the Underground
Arcade Collective, consisting of designers Alex Higgins, Stephen Thomas, and John D. Moore. Through this collection, the designers hope to expose general audiences to
game making's democratized underground – experimental works, jam games, garage games, and their ilk. Altogether, the collection features over a dozen games and counting, all of which will be accessed from a single launcher program. New to
Gamescape this year are the games Koi Puncher MMXVIII, Soul Eater, and Monster Hug. Returning favorites include Monster Truck Power Fantasy, Digital Toilet World,
Bloodjak, Mutant Highway, Diablow, and Fungilluminati.

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