The University of Baltimore presents Gamescape

A showcase of video games and the creative people who make them.

The University of Baltimore presents Gamescape

Location: H. Mebane Turner Learning Commons, 1415 Maryland Ave

Sponsors: The University of Baltimore

The University of Baltimore Presents Gamescape at Artscape

Love the games showcased at Gamescape? Become a pro at creating them.

More than 100 companies in the Baltimore-Washington area are involved in interactive development.

In the University of Baltimore’s B.S. in Simulation and Digital Entertainment program, you’ll gain the hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge necessary to take your career in the multibillion dollar gaming industry to the next level.

The University of Baltimore Presents Gamescape is a high-quality program showcasing video games and the creative people who make them. Visitors can browse and interact with selected video games from local and national video game developers, as well as more than 30 classic arcade games, from Pac-Man to Streetfighter to pinball and more. Working with MAGfest, real-time video game competitions take place on the LED billboard by the Charles Street Bridge in collaboration with Shanklin Media.

Video Games  

KiteLion (Baltimore, MD)
Eliot Carney-Seim
Game: Eggnog
Originally a small holiday gift for some friends, It's now a simple 2D brawler showcasing what you can do with online multiplayer on an indie level.
Bringing the Smash-style to its simplest form, Eggnog brings players closer to the meta while retaining what fans love the most. Simple, competitive, chaotic.

Dubious Utility (Washington, D.C.)
Tyler Gregg
Game: Rollin’
Rollin': A game of Interdimensional Sentient Billiards
Inspired by classic arcade games, Rollin' is a competitive local multiplayer game. Players race to complete objectives and be the first one to the goal, dodging environmental hazards (and each other) along the way. Gameplay takes place on one large screen, while players control their characters using touchscreen devices with a simulated trackball. No downloads are necessary, the only requirement is a smartphone or tablet connected to a local wifi network.

GameLab (Gaithersburg, MD)
Anne Sullivan
Game: Addie’s Patchwork Playground
Addie’s Patchwork Playground is an experimental platformer where players paint a quilted world through their own play. As players move Addie, an adventure-loving girl in dinosaur pajamas, stamps are left for different actions - running, climbing, and jumping. The world changes as stamps are added, so players can experiment with the artistic possibilities of their play.
Players interact with the patchwork playground by playing with a quilt made of conductive fabric.

Uncaged Studios (Baltimore, MD)
Sharif Gaines
Game: The Sentient
In The Sentient, you play as an artificial intelligence who is asked to help mankind’s failing space exploration plans. Being able to process data relatively quickly, you are tasked with bringing as much research and knowledge back to Earth via an orbital station known as "The Ark." At the Ark, you are able to recruit a crew, alter the layout of your ship, and perform research to improve current and new technology in order to aid you on future missions. When away from the Ark, your decisions can result in the life or death of not only your ship but of your crew.

Earthborn Interactive (Baltimore, MD)
Hadar Silverman
Game: Flutter Bombs!
Flutter Bombs! is a multi-platform game with versions available for mobile devices, PC's and the Oculus Rift. On mobile devices, it is a twin-stick survival shooter. On the PC and VR devices, it is a physics-based aerial combat game.

Pie For Breakfast Studios (Silver Spring, MD)
Christopher Totten
Game: Dead Man’s Trail
Dead Man’s Trail is a zombie survival game in the tradition of The Oregon Trail-style games with several modern twists. The game recreates the drama of modern zombie fiction by making team members core to the player’s travel progress. Each have their own job that will help the party along their journey: firearm expert, melee expert, paramedic, mechanic, and others. Losing one will rob you of their abilities, so players must keep them both happy and well, managing their health and morale. These characters also have abilities that help players loot randomly generated 3D cities for supplies. Players must carefully go into the ruins and get out before the horde arrives or lose their party member.

Under Byte Studios (Baltimore, MD)
Rick Kelly
Game: Heroes Guard: The Journal
Best described as a hybrid of choose-your-own-adventure book, deck-building card game, and a table-top rpg. You'll make important story decisions, roll dice to test your abilities, collect weapons, magic, and companions to be used in a card game that will reveal the outcome of your most devastating encounters!

Brinkbit (Baltimore, MD)
Evan Fuller
Game: Brinkbit Game Studio
The Brinkbit Game Studio is a Cloud-based video game development environment that lets users create and publish games from the web browser. For this year's GameScape, we'll be focusing on Brinkbit's tools for teaching software development basics to new users, a frequent request from last year's attendees. We'll be showing the Brinkbit Game Studio alongside our role-playing game Hidden War, which users can both play and modify in the Game Studio.

Alex Higgins (Baltimore, MD)
Alex Higgins
Game: Short Games Collection
Two short games will be on display on a single computer. The games will either be launched from a single program, or showcased on a scheduled rotation: 1) Bloodjak is a short arcade-style side-scrolling shoot-em-up set in the darkest corners of cyber space. 2) Digital Toilet World: A short punk-styled action adventure game in which the player and her monster companion fight the forces of evil.

UMBC Game Developer Club (Baltimore, MD)
Andrea Wozniak
Game: Short Games Collection
The UMBC Game Developer’s Club is presenting its 2015-2016 projects and indie titles. Group titles include Legacy of the Shards, a 3D collectathon that juxtaposes nostalgia-inducing gameplay with a cutting-edge graphics engine and a non-linear narrative; Heart Attack, an asymmetrical 3D multiplayer experience that exacerbates the anxieties inherent in competitive play to produce a game revolving around tension and fear, and their respective mechanical representations; Puppy Simulator, a 3D puzzle platformer designed around the Unreal Engine’s visual scripting language to create an immersive and graphically stunning experience; Graveyard Beat, a 2D fighting game that has decoupled itself from the continuous nature of the genre, instead embracing the discrete temporal mechanics of rhythm games to provide unique and innovative gameplay; independent projects include ACE, a Java-based 3D game engine that opposes contemporary trends and takes a programmer-centric approach to game development, and Sporbitals, the Game Developers’ Club’s first foray into the free-to-play mobile marketplace.

Pure Bang Games (Baltimore, MD)
Ben Walsh
Game: Survivor Town (Working Title)
Lead survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse to scavenge supplies, kill zombies, build and defend a thriving town.   

Extra Life (Baltimore, MD)
Extra Life unites thousands of players around the world in a 24 hour gaming marathon to support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $14 million for local CMN hospitals.

Baltimore Gamer (Baltimore, MD)
BaltimoreGamer is digital magazine focused on video games and culture

University of Baltimore Game Program (Baltimore, MD)
Ben Walsh
Game: Various
Games designed by various students at the University of Baltimore

Studio217 (Baltimore, MD)
Karen Chang
Game: Circles and Mister Mart
Circles is a tablet-based party game for 3-10 people. To play, each player must place one finger in a circle and never leave or let go of the circle. Once the circles start to move and animate, the players must work as a team. They all have to keep their fingers in the circles as long as possible, this means they have to climb over and under each other, as well as keep moving all the way around the tablet.

Use the Leap Motion controller and the Oculus Rift to enter the world of Mister Mart. In Mister Mart, you play the role of a customer service representative at a bad grocery store. Because it's such a bad grocery store, all of the customers are returning their purchases! Use your hands to place the items into the return bin, and punch annoying customers to get them away from your desk. Try to get the highest score and keep your stress level down by returning items and getting rid of customers as fast as possible.

SmashRiot (Bethesda, MD)
Jesse Ozog
Game: Dr. Spacezoo
Dr. Spacezoo is an arcade style time-attack twin-stick shoot-em-up packed full of gibs and grease. Dr. Spacezoo is a different take on the traditional twin-stick shoot-em-up game where the player blows up everything that moves. Instead, in Dr. Spacezoo, the player must strive to save exotic space animals while fighting through the hostile Space Zoo defenses. Dr. Spacezoo blends modern image effects with beautiful retro pixel art to create a chaotic shoot-em-up packed full of sparkles and glow.

Good Good Bad (Millersville, MD)
Phil Relsinger
Game: Mighty Mighty
Mighty Mighty is a 2D platformer in a 3D world. Mighty Mighty's job is to save each pixel world and bring life back to your TV screen by recoloring all the pixels and saving the TV from the darkness.

Tap Tap Good (Washington, D.C.)
Michael Cowden
Game: Super 80s World
Super 80s World is a retro-style game set in the decade of the 1980s. The game's format is a side-scrolling platformer where you run and jump to kill or evade obstacles. You play Dan Camaro, an 80s MTV icon sent back in time to rescue the decade from destruction by the evil Dr. Noid Wormser.

Philosoplay (Myersville, MD)
Anthony Powell
Game: That Rock Paper Scissors Game!
That Rock Paper Scissor Game! takes the core mechanics of rock paper scissors and brings it into a new space in competitive gaming. Players select one of three characters and then chase and collide with their “prey” while trying to run away and avoid a collision with their “predator.” Power-ups like land mines, invisibility, and dashing can give you a competitive edge and the player with the highest score at the end of the 2-minute match wins!

Schedule Open during all open hours of Artscape; the designer showcase in The Mebane Turner Learning Commons closes at 9pm Friday and Saturday, while the MAGfest live gaming on the LED billboard is open for all Artscape hours, including Artscape After Hours on Friday and Saturday from 9pm-11pm.

Curator Ben Walsh is the CEO and founder of Pure Bang Games. Ben is also the founder of Gamescape, and co-founder of Innovate Baltimore, a community development organization aimed at connecting Creative Tech entrepreneurs with the people they need to build and grow their businesses.


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