Inspired Space: Creativity and Invention at the Space Telescope Science Institute, Goddard Space Flight Center and Beyond

Location: MICA’s Pinkard Gallery, 1401 West Mount Royal Avenue

In the more than a quarter century that the Hubble Telescope has been in operation, it has sent hundreds of thousands of images back to Earth. Not unlike art, these images have shed light on great mysteries and some have prompted many more questions. Included in this exhibition is a collection of some of the most visually remarkable Hubble images that have been produced by the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, as well as interactive media that will transport the viewer into space.

The Hubble images have been inspiring artists over the twenty-six years the telescope has been operational, including Baltimore based artist Jay Gould. This exhibition includes Gould’s series, Hubble Top 100 Downloads. Gould works with the top 100 downloaded images from the Hubble Telescope online database, graphs these images using scientific imaging software, reworks them, and then uses a laser cutter to excise them once printed and mounted. The results turn graphs into painterly objects. Some of them look very much like their original photos, while others are further removed.

In addition to looking back at the history of the Hubble Telescope, featured in this exhibition is a view forward to the next generation of discovery, the James Webb Space Telescope, currently being created at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD.

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