Artwork Projects

Below is a preview of the new artwork projects (interactive projects and installations, showcasing the visual and/or performing arts) for festivalgoers to experience.

Artwork Projects

Location: Mount Royal Avenue and North Charles Street

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Bench (Artists: Morgan State University College Discovery Academy)
Location: Pearlstone Park
Morgan State University College Discovery Academy was established in order to offer academic assistance, life skills, college prep, and career readiness components to Baltimore City youth grades 7-9. This program is geared toward promoting the success and achievement of youth scholars in their future endeavors. Inspired by history, engineering and architecture, the youth scholars (ages 12-14), are designing a 4’ x 5’ bench that resembles the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Choose Your Own Adventure (Artist: Becky Borlan & Graham Coriel Allen)
Location: Charles Street Bridge North of Penn Station
Choose Your Own Adventure will transform an intersection of Charles Street into a colorful and safe pedestrian playscape of creative crosswalks and an immersive environment of floating beach balls. Durable spray chalk lines will mark the paths of Artscape participants as they approach the forest of beach balls hanging from a central, open air event tent structure. The floating inflatable balls will be custom printed with energetic artwork by public artist Becky Borlan. Resonating with Borlan’s playful kinetic style, spray chalk lines and crosswalks by public artist Graham Coreil-Allen will trace the potential footpaths that pedestrians might take as they approach and get lost in the central ball pavilion. The installation design takes inspiration from the natural paths taken by pedestrians crossing the street and the joyful experiences from simple toys.

Circulation Newspaper Box Upcycling Exhibit (Artist: Kristy Knowles)
Location: Mount Royal Avenue Median, 1200 Block
Circulation Warehouse and Baltimore artist, Sophie Carey, are proud to announce their collaboration at Artscape this summer. The Artscape exhibit will showcase hand painted, upcycled newspaper boxes that have been converted into sidewalk libraries and food pantries for the city of Baltimore. Circulation's mission is to foster a community that works together to combat issues such as illiteracy and hunger insecurities. We aim to do this through our upcycled newspaper boxes, community collaboration, the arts, and the youth of Baltimore. We are collaborating with adolescent youth within Baltimore to create pieces of functional art that will have an everlasting impact on city. The libraries and pantries will be placed throughout the city after Artscape to allow for continuous engagement. We are very excited for this project and to team with Baltimore youth to make a difference in the community.

Department of Beauty Maintenance: Trash-scape (Artist: Thick Air Studios)
Location: Charles Street Bridge North of Penn Station
The Department of Beauty Maintenance (DBM) is a performative sidewalk cleaning service that promotes sustainable behavior and civic engagement. Part street performance and part service company, DBM walks the streets as a well-equipped troupe of sharply dressed superheroes engaging with the public with a goal of changing perception around littering and picking up trash. Throughout the festival the DBM employees will work with festivalgoers to construct Trash-scape, a street performance evolving over the course of the Artscape weekend. A sculpture of recyclable material in the shape of a mandala will shift and grow as materials accumulate within a large contained area of the Charles Street Bridge.

Drain Snake Races (Artist: Station North Tool Library)

Location: 1700 Charles Street, west side of the street
The Station North Tool Library (SNTL) is a community resource and education center located in nearby Greenmount West.  SNTL provides allows people to borrow basic tools to save them money. They also assist people with overcoming the initial hurdles of access and know-how to use those tools.  They like to make this education fun, not just because it should be, but also because that kind of positive energy builds communal spaces. Thus- Drain Snake Races! The object of this game is to use a drain snake to race your opponent to the end of the labyrinth of pipes. Both players start at a prop toilet and maneuver the snake past each bend of the piping locking and spinning the tool you would need to unlock an actual drain. The first person to get the end triggers a beacon light and sprays their opponent with water.

Drinking Water (Artist: Stevie Dissinger) presented by MICA
Location: Charles Street Theater Parking Lot (1704 N. Charles Street)
In this interactive project participants use words as the materials to build an infinite quantity of artworks in the space of their mind. Devised as a walk-through poetry generating game, sculptural objects serve as question generators. Four globes, each covered in words, are housed in four wishing wells. The wishing wells are made out of water barrels topped with a wooden roof. Participants must visit each of the four wishing wells to record on a strip of paper the parts of their sentence. A “stream” painted onto the roadway connects the wells. Through a process based on chance, the participant collects each part of their question. The question is raw. Seemingly nonsensical, and creates a clearing in the mind where each person can unearth, formulate, create, generate, bubble, discover, unlock, imagine and freely associate. The artwork happens inside every festivalgoer when they build and ponder.

Elemental Progression (Artist: String Theory Theater)
Location: Mobile and roaming along Charles Street
Four large-scale puppets start in separate corners of the Charles Street corridor and slowly make their way to each other and interact at meeting spaces along the street.  As the puppets wave their way through the crowd to meet up with each other, they will engage in a communal exchange of coordinated movement and dance. Here, smaller puppets will emerge to encircle and respond to the various elements. Puppets will pass through and interact with the crowd and scheduled times throughout the weekend.  

Headspace (Artist: Magdalena Sudnik)
Location: Pearlstone Park
A giant wooden head emerges from the ground inviting you to come inside and see through its eyes. The main attraction of the piece is the plexiglass eyes painted in translucent layers, depicting the iris and veining of the human eye, with the pupil a mirror reflecting what the head sees. Festivalgoers will be able to enter the dome through a doorway in both ears to see out through the eyes from within and engage with others on the outside.

Origami Ornamentation (Artist: Peijisan Art)
Location: Pearlstone Park
Origami Ornamentation is an accumulative installation art piece made entirely out of Origami and string, this fun and interactive artwork project appeals to all ages and ability levels. Those who do not have the time or ability to make the origami will still be encouraged to leave messages on paper for others to fold, or help by hanging or other ways. There is always a way for someone to contribute.

Screen Station (Artist: Baltimore Youth Arts) presented by MICA
Location: 1700 Charles Street, west side of the street
Printmaking has been a medium for advocacy, protest and resistance to people fighting against oppression throughout history. Baltimore Youth Arts (BYA) wants to share the skill of screen printing with the festivalgoers of Artscape as an accessible art-making process while also spreading the message from BYA youth to the larger community. The Screen Station will provide a free public screen printing station where visitors to Artscape will learn to use silkscreens and inks to print messages related to youth advocacy, justice and the justice system. Paper and fabric will be provided and festival attendees are encouraged to bring their blank materials to print on.  

Leavings (Artist: Narkio Marvit-Suyemoto) presented by MICA
Location: Charles Street, near Penn Station
“Leavings” are large scale sculptures of single-use-objects often found left behind on the city street. Visitors are encouraged to consider themselves in scale or proportion to these overlooked objects that we often leave behind. These “throw away” objects are themselves created from mostly recycled materials that have been transformed and treated to slow weathering and deterioration to make them strong enough to withstand the public exposure over the weekend.

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