Anchor Projects

These large-scale art installations were selected through a juried call for entry using the festival’s 2016 theme of “Space: Explore What’s Out There.”

Location: Mount Royal Avenue and North Charles Street

ART/HAB (Artist: Gray Lamb, featuring Jenn Kim and Kyle Long, Baltimore, MD)
Location: Charles Street Bridge
ART/HAB is a space age habitat created to explore the idea of what is the essence of a “habitat.” Housed in three geodesic domes, the installation hypothesizes how explorers and scientists would adapt their new living space to survive in an extraterrestrial environment.

Celestial Light – Act 1. Sun and Act 2. Moon (Artist: Samantha Rausch, Chicago, IL)
Location: Charles Street Bridge
Celestial Light engages and transports audiences into a whimsical world of theatrical spectacle, bringing awareness to the mystical and metaphorical ideas that represent the sun and moon. Two large scale sculptural elements measure 20 feet in height and feature performance art.
Crater! (Artist: Miki Flores-Amper, Baltimore, MD)
 Location: Charles Street Theater Parking Lot
 Crater! represents a fictional crash site-turned alternative art space. The installation, which includes a large raised platform with a geodesic sphere at its center projecting light and sound, will serve as a place of creative exchange, expression, and exploration. During the three days of Artscape, artists and performers—as well as visitors—will be welcomed to come into the space and interact with it somehow, discovering new ways to activate the installation.

Moloch's Institute for Extranormal Research (Artist: Moloch's Midway, Baltimore, MD)
Location: Charles Street Bridge
Moloch's Institute for Extranormal Research is a completely legitimate and scientifically valid educational initiative brought to you by the good people at Moloch's Midway! Featuring artifacts, cryogenically preserved alien remains and more, this project showcases four interactive museum displays. You deserve to know the truth about alien visitors to planet earth before it all gets hushed up! See the evidence right before your eyes—though you may not want to get too close!

Space Place (Artist: Morgan State School of Architecture and Planning, led by Brian Stansbury)
 Location: Charles and Preston Streets
Space Place will consist of inflatable planets and sun ranging in size from 5 to 30 feet in diameter, creating a winding path on the street through the Solar System. Some planets will have accessible interiors while the smaller planets will be experienced from the exterior. Planets will be illuminated from the inside, providing a spectacular visual at night. A DJ provides musical entertainment during Artscape After Hours, while several golf carts adorned as space craft will serve as service vehicles for the installation and host crew.

The Mothership Connection (Artists: Olu Butterfly, SuperFly Safiyatou, Jason Harris of; Baltimore, MD)
Location: Pearlstone Park, Preston and Cathedral Streets
Because this planet isn't enough to house all our parts, we offer you this funky adventure into other worlds, an ode to Afrofuturists of the past from the Dogon to Parliament Funkadelic, as a feast of art including a walk-in organic Mothership, a fashion show, a maypole, star people sculptures and ornaments, and a metaphysical stage presenting men and women artists of the Afrofuture. The exhibit features such visual artists as Christina McCleary, Bernard DredBANG, Naomi Hanna and Kenya JahAfiyaLove Sunshine, and performers as Blaqstarr, Christen B and the Baltimore Girls, as well as opportunities for Artscape-goers to participate with a costumed dance party, a drum circle and Spaced Out Open Mic to abandon all that has been keeping us down. *The Mothership Connection features visual contributions from Christina McCleary, Bernard DredBANG, Kenya JahAfiyaLove Sunshine, Naomi Hanna, Damond DeGross and many other Afrofuture artists from near and far. See performance schedule below.

The Grand Tour (Artist: Fred Scharmen, Baltimore, MD)
Location: Festival Footprint North Charles Street
 We’ve all seen illustrations of the Solar System in textbooks and planetariums, but most of these always have the disclaimer “not to scale.” In order to create some physical, relatable sense of the massive distances and scales involved in space travel, we need something the size of America’s largest free arts festival. The Artscape Grand Tour will create a model Solar System on Charles Street with both the sizes of the planets and their distance from one another in proper scale. With the sun scaled down to 18” in diameter and attached to the southwest corner of the Charles Street Parking Garage, Mercury will be roughly the size of a ball bearing 50 feet away. Jupiter will be the size of a squash ball on the bridge, and Pluto will be a grain of sand at the intersection of Baltimore Street, Each of these planets will be tiny works of art on their own and securely mounted to local architecture, with a placard identifying them as part of the Artscape Grand Tour.

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