High Zero's Worlds In Collusion

High Zero Foundation presents a full weekend of mind-bending performances at Artscape by regional and national artists, including the traditional, the experimental, and the just plain strange throughout the festival weekend.

Location: University of Baltimore Student Center, 21 West Mount Royal Avenue, 5th floor


Friday, July 20

2:00PM Musica Spira Musical traditions that seek to renew conversations about the importance of life & values
3:00PM Mind on Fire A musical arts collaboration of contemporary music in Baltimore
4:00PM Connor Kizer Is as fluid as water
5:00PM Theljon Allen and Universal Language A collection of intricate sounds, soulful melodies and horn arrangements
6:00PM Smoke Bellow Long dirges balanced between noisy drones and psychedelic hooks
7:00PM The Whrd Anemic static soul, videocave voyeur and elder rhythms

Saturday, July 21

2:00PM Kate Wagner A live house roast of homes in Baltimore County
3:00PM Lander/Page Duo Saxophone and clarinet favorites
4:00PM Olivegren/Tolbert/Mazarakis Dance, voice and natural sounds to create the unknown
5:00PM Raw Silk Classical sitar, electric cello, Indian vocals and experimental electronics
6:00PM Piss Kills Mold Jimmy Joe Rochhe improvises on ultraviolet light blue
7:00PM BASTET Deep hypnotic live techno   

Sunday, July 22

2:00PM DeSanguashinton Colombian American band performing traditional Latin music
3:00PM Soul Cannon Experimental & Hip-Hop (from the future)
4:00PM Chris Taylor Guitarist mixes flamenco with free jazz
5:00PM Samuel Burt with Lisa Weiss New compositions for piano and live electronics
6:00PM Anna Crooks Poems about whether dolphins and lobsters gossip
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