Anywhere and everywhere!

Location: Anywhere and everywhere!

Anywhere and everywhere! Watch for performers who come out of the crowds and stir up the scene!

Friday, July 15

The Marching Elite Marching Band, Starship E.L.I.T.E.
Imagine a dance party on a Starship in the year 3000. The Marching Elite performs an out-of-this-world jam session!

Saturday, July 16
Big Whimsy, The Strolling Aliens
Giant happy aliens invade Artscape on Saturday.

Circus of Wonders, Magic and Bubbles
Watch for roaming space magic and galactic balloon art throughout the festival.

Dance Baltimore, Dance Attacks
The dancers roll up and the next thing you know, you’re in the performance!

Marquis Chandler, ConsciousQuis
This talented rapper will charm with his own take on music.

OrchKids, Spacey Music
Join the OrchKids as they groove with a brass band and a bucket band rhythm section.

Sunday, July 17

Bateria Terra Maria, Samba Parade
Inspired by the Carnivale parades in Rio, the Samba Parade will have you dancing to the rhythms of Brazil and the Carribbean.

Circus of Wonders, Bubbles from Space
Can bubbles exist in space?  Well, they can at Artscape!

Iron Crow Theatre, A Wild, Wild Party
From the off-Broadway musical “A Wild Party,” the Iron Crow Theatre performs one of the hits of the show as guests arrive from heaven to attend the party!

Rueda de Casino, Pop-up Dancing
Couples dancing in a circle execute quick moves and switch partners to this infectious music from Cuba.

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