High Zero's Worlds in Collusion

24 hours of traditional, experimental, and just plain strange performances.
High Zero's Worlds in Collusion

Location: University of Baltimore Student Center, 21 Mt Royal Ave, 5th floor

High Zero Foundation presents a full weekend of mind-bending performances at Artscape by regional and national artists, including the traditional, the experimental, and the just plain strange throughout the festival weekend.

As a courtesy to the performers and other audience members, attendees should be prepared to stay for the entire show.  No food and beverage allowed inside the performance venues and please keep strollers in the designated areas.


Alif Laila - classical Indian sitar music

Marcel Du Swamp - industrial electronic music Daniel Moody - countertenor specializing in ancient music Wume - minimalist drums and electronics duo Anna

Roberts-Gevalt & Elizabeth Laprelle - traditional music of Appalachia Duncan Moore - traditional bagpipes ICAF-Baltimore Capoeira - traditional Brazilian dance fighting performance

Liz Durette - foggy psychedelic electric piano. Andrew McClymont - abstract electronica Little Flowers - experimental electronic dance punk Myconids - minimal house music on custom synthesizers

Bob Rychlik - traditional Slovakian flute music. Hurricane - improvised avant garde electronic music. Weeks / Dierker / Hayleck - virtuoso experimental improvisation


Friday, July 18

2PM Odwalla 88 Hypnotic minimalist incantations.
3PM Bonnie Jones Suzanne Thorpe - Improvised electronics and flute
4PM ICAF-Baltimore Capoeira Traditional Brazilian dance fighting performance.
5PM Ro Industrial electronic music, formerly Marcel du Swamp.
6PM Little Flowers Experimental electronic dance punk.
7PM Paulina Velazquez Solis/Multifungi with Travis Johns Live improvised electronics and animations

Saturday, July 19

2PM Alif Laila / Nabeel Riaz Indian Classical music.
3PM Anna Roberts-Gevalt Traditional music of Appalachia.
4PM Liz Durette Melodic improvisation on electric piano.
5PM KeroaƤn Musical artificial intelligence with live lasers and strobes.
6PM Myconids Minimal house music on custom synthesizers.
7PM Charles Cohen Synthesizer master of the Buchla Music Easel.

Sunday, July 20

2PM Asimina Chremos Composition for two dancers and two musicians.
3PM Paul Rucker Virtuosic experimental cellist.
4PM Weeks / Dierker / Hayleck Improvised experimental sound art.
5PM Bob Rychlik Fujara and other Slovak Overtone Flutes.
6PM Nola Richardson & John Armato Medieval to modern vocal music with lute.
7PM Duncan Moore Traditional bagpipes
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