High Zero's Worlds in Collusion

24 hours of traditional, experimental, and just plain strange performances.
High Zero's Worlds in Collusion

Location: University of Baltimore Student Center, 21 Mt Royal Ave, 5th floor

High Zero Foundation presents a full weekend of mind-bending performances at Artscape by regional and national artists, including the traditional, the experimental, and the just plain strange throughout the festival weekend.

As a courtesy to the performers and other audience members, attendees should be prepared to stay for the entire show.  No food and beverage allowed inside the performance venues and please keep strollers in the designated areas.


Friday, July 17

2PM-2:45PM Justin Sirois and Friends, Inspired alternative literature
3PM-3:45PM Tea and Lace, Costume Music from War of 1812
4PM-4:45PM Justin Porter, Freeform experimental composition for synth and cello
5PM-5:45PM Theresa Columbus, A theatre of cool trees
6PM-6:45PM Samuel Burt, Electronic composition of Fragmented sound
7PM-7:45PM Wume, Hypnotic polyrhythms and synthesis

Saturday, July 18

2PM-2:45PM Luminous Kudler, Anti-aesthetic waveforms
3PM-3:45PM The Nightingale Trio, Traditional a cappella Balkan music
4PM-4:45PM Amada Schmidt, Live soundtracks to red-edited films
5PM-5:45PM LabBodies, Interactive performance
6PM-6:45PM David S. More’, Unexpected sound & gambits
7PM-7:45PM Urban Foli, Traditional West African music

Sunday, July 19

2PM-2:45PM Baltimore Girls, Illuminating a cappella soul sextet
3PM-3:45PM Max Eilbacher, Garden of analog and digital electronic music
4PM-4:45PM Who Knows Five, Traditional a cappella synagogue music
5PM-5:45PM Sapphogeist, Mind-bendingly electronic pop music
6PM-6:45PM Michael De Sapio, Solo violin music of the German Baroque
7PM-7:45PM Microkingdom, Euphorically spazzed improvised noise-jazz
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