High Zero's Worlds in Collusion


24 hours of traditional, experimental, and just plain strange performances.
High Zero's Worlds in Collusion

Location: University of Baltimore Student Center, 21 Mt Royal Ave, 5th floor

High Zero Foundation presents a full weekend of mind-bending performances at Artscape by regional and national artists, including the traditional, the experimental, and the just plain strange throughout the festival weekend.

As a courtesy to the performers and other audience members, attendees should be prepared to stay for the entire show.  No food and beverage allowed inside the performance venues and please keep strollers in the designated areas.


Friday, July 15

2PM-2:30PM Lily Kind & Crystal On a meteor made of noise and friendship, a Seeker wanders amidst the Pop music of Earth.
3PM-3:30 John Berndt Using computers to make human-like music humans can't make
3PM-3:30PM Zachary Utz Ambient, experimental, processed tape loops and guitar
4PM-4:30PM Sapphogeist Saw-toothed post-future anti-pop
5PM-5:30PM 901 Arts Drumline Youth student drumline from 901 Arts Community Center in Better Waverly
6PM-6:30PM Spyros Pilios Koliavasilis Gorgeous music from Asia Minor on original instruments
7PM-7:30PM Talbolt Johnson Dance and social practice, a conversation in gesture and motion

Saturday, July 16

2PM-2:30PM Sankofa Dance Theater Authentic African dance, theater, and folkways
3PM-3:30PM Rosie Langabeer Oddball kiwi improvising keyboardist
4PM-4:30PM Maryland Korean Traditional Culture Association Traditional Korean music and dance
5PM-5:30PM Organix Trio tran•scend•ent creative jazz
6PM-6:30PM Baltimore Independent Dance Artists Experimental dance and movement
7PM-7:30PM Jeff Surak Lo-fi musique concrete, drone, noise

Sunday, July 17

2PM-2:30PM Tim Nohe Video works: Switched on Cosmonauts in a decaying orbit beam a last message in sound and images.
3PM-3:30PM Network Glass Sound and live visuals expose the glitches and fall-out of digital reality
4PM-4:30PM Luke Stewart Multi-instrumentalist stalwart of DC's jazz scene
5PM-5:30PM John Berndt Using computers to make human-like music that humans can't make.
6PM-6:30PM GreyDolf Boundary-crossing underground protest rap
7PM-7:30PM Radiator Greys Cathartic cassette-style power drone from Josh Levi
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